Kathy Bags: Why You Should Love Them!

Kathy bags are becoming quite well known among the stylish and fashion-conscious women who wish to enhance their look by carrying a designer bag. Kathy bags are unlike any other bag, as they do not cost as much as bags belonging to other high end brands like Chanel and Hermes, but they provide just as much functionality and style. Kathy Zeeland bags have been started by a designer called Kathy Van Zeeland who have rapidly made a permanent mark for herself in the market of hand bags. Kathy Zeeland bags have been climbing the popularity charts from the time they were first offered for sale.

Company History:

Having been in the fashion industry for about 9 years, Kathy van Zeeland decided to establish her own company on 2004. Her background in designing bags paved way for her to create her own designer goods that are of the same quality as other brands, but are offered at much lower prices. Her most known products are the large, oversized bags which a lot of women truly love. Nowadays, it can be seen that Kathy van Zeeland Bags is consistent and remains to be a part of the top 3 manufacturers of designer handbags.

Together with her husband, Bruce Makowsky who is also the maker of the renowned Makowsky handbags that specialize in creating leather bags, Kathy van Zeeland also produced her own brand. The couple manages and administers their company with Bruce Makowsky as the company CEO and president, and Kathy Van Zeeland as the co-president.

What makes Kathy Bags so Popular?

  • Uniqueness: The designer’s fresh approach to hand bag design and vibrancy in their designs accounts for the bags’ fame.
  • Quality and durability: The quality of the materials used in their conception has also helped a great deal in sustaining the customer’s interest.
  • Stylishness: The color palette that is used in designing these hand bags is quite diverse and one can choose from pastel shades as well as bright, neon colors. There are nude shades available apart from gaudy and colorful ones.
  • Versatility: Irrespective of their age, anyone can purchase Kathy bags according to their desired specifications. Because they come in different styles, a lot of options are available for everyone.
  • Budget-Friendly: An added advantage of Kathy bags  is that owing to their low cost, one can afford to pick up a wide variety of bags thus creating a bag collection comprising of bags of all types and suited to all occasions, i.e. formal as well as informal.

Kathy Van Zeeland purse collections

Kathy Bags are available in a wide array of designs, styles, colors, and fabrics. Just like other designer brands, their products are available in different collections. Three of the most known collections from Kathy Van Zeeland would be her Delicious Collection, Stud Muffin Collection, and Love Affair. Trendy, hip, and fashionable, these collections have been bestsellers.

Best-selling Kathy van Zeeland bags:

kathy van zeeland  bags

Hobo From Stud Muffin Collection

This bag is a favorite come springtime. It is made with a sleek coated denim and comes in chic solid colors with a fab multi-print.  Featuring a soft shape combined with an elongated drop, this bag is embellished with 2 vertical pockets with front zips. It also has pulls for easy opening and also has a pocket for your cellphones and other gadgets. And of course, it comes with the signature KVZ logo lining, that is distinct in all of Kathy van Zeeland bags.

Ball Shopper from the Delicious collection

This bag is characterized with its snap front and back closure compartments that is large enough to carry all the things you might need. Add up to that it also has top zip closure that is designed with a crown zipper pull, and double shoulder straps. It also has concealed pockets in its front side where you can tuck in your valuables. With 4 big silver-tone logo studs of KVZ, it also features the signature KVZ logo lining. This bag remains to be a classic.

Why Pregnant Moms Love Kathy Bags

Another quality that enables Kathy bags to stand out from their contemporaries is that they also allow a mother to hold all the essentials that are required to nurse a new born baby. There are separate compartments for holding diapers and other such items. The best feature of these bags is that no one can make out from their exterior design that they are actually diaper bags on the inside. They can make one come across as a diva while also allowing one to fulfill one’s motherly responsibilities.

On Buying Kathy Bags:

kathy bags on sale

Kathy bags can range from fifty to a hundred dollars in price and available on Kathy van Zeeland outlet like Macy’s. This makes them affordable for women with all kinds of budgetary limits. One does not have to refrain from buying these stylish bags on account of their price as they tend to be quite reasonably priced. Instead of purchasing one expensive hand bag, one can pick up a variety of different designs and styles of Kathy bags at less than half the price that is otherwise paid for bags. Kathy van Zeeland shoes and bags on sale can be picked up at a fraction of their normal price, thus allowing one to enhance an already existing collection of designer hand bags that do not even burn a hole in the pocket.